Monday, January 14, 2013

90 Seconds of Lean Training

Last week I linked to a short and sweet video describing TPS, or the Toyota Production System. Short videos are cool because they can add some visual stimulation to a longer training session. But last week's video was missing one key element, namely takt time.

So I went looking for another miniature video and found the following:

This video starts with customer value. This minimizes the risk of optimizing non-value added processes. If you think about the customer first, you'll end up working on the right process (most likely) and you take a broader view, looking at the entire value stream.

After identifying four principles of lean, the video shows how these principles can help you reduce waste in your process. But instead of focusing on slimming down the process, the video talks about growing your business, using lean to become more competitive. A nice positive approach!

The 4 Principles of Lean: 

  1. Pull - Customer demand pulls through your process
  2. One piece flow - Reduce work in process
  3. Takt - How fast you have to work to meet customer demand
  4. Zero Defects - Don't pass on defects
Rather than emphasizing how lean can speed up your process, the video below explains how lean tells you to produce according to customer demand, ie. following the takt time. And what better way than using an assembly line in a bakery. 

Watch the video on youtube here. 

So there we have it. Another simple video to add to your bag of training tools. For more videos, check out my massive page of free lean videos.


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