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You can learn a little about me on my page, but this page is all about you! That's right. I'm interested in who you are. Are you working in manufacturing? Are you a software geek? Do you have pets? What's your favourite food? Do you spell favourite with a "u"? What's your lean background?

On this page only, the comments are wide open for you in all your glory. Post links to your websites! Promote yourself. Do you have a business? What do you do? 

This page is a little party and you're all invited! Have some fun!


  1. Well I guess I will go first,

    I am the director of a UK management and organisational development company in the UK

    My main interest is in the application of research psychology to organisations, but I have plenty of consultancy experience often in change management on lean service projects and maintain an interest in the lean community at large.

  2. Welcome James! Interesting website and very clean design. I like the "strike a light" exercise you have posted. I might have to try that one sometime.

  3. Thanks,

    I have plenty more activities to post just waiting for my graphic designer to finish her MA so she can make them look pretty, so check back early next year.

    I should also thank you, I have used some of the exercises and videos you have posted on my courses, and I think it probably inspired me to include the resources section in my site.



  4. My name is Bert and I work for the US Government in the Veterans Affairs as a Quality Manager. We are trying to start lean and I'm trying to develop up training sessions have been looking for ways besides death by powerpoint!

    I visit your site somewhat often to see what new nuggets you post. Your website is really great and price is right for the training tips since I have to do all this on my own.

    Thanks for providing us this service and great tools. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Bert! Thanks for stopping by. It seems that more and more government agencies are becoming interested in Lean. Good luck!

  6. Hello. I am Tim McMahon. I am the Founder and Contributor of A Lean Journey Blog ( This site is dedicated to sharing lessons and experiences along the Lean Journey in the Quest for True North. The blog also serves as the source for learning and reflection which are critical elements in Lean Thinking.

    I am a lean practitioner with more than 10 years of Lean manufacturing experience. I'm currently the Quality Manager for an innovative technology company which enhances the way people experience the world every day. Previously, I led continuous improvement efforts for a high tech optical fiber manufacturer. I teach problem solving skills, lean countermeasures, and how to see opportunities for improvement by actively learning, thinking and being engaged.

    I was elected to the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Northeast Region Board of Directors in 2010. I currently serve as the Vice President of Programs for the Northeast Region. I have also been supporting AME as the Social Media Lead in the NE Region and member of the National Social Media Council.

    See more at

  7. Hi Tim,
    Good to see you here. I'm a regular reader of your blog. You have plenty of knowledge and experience to share.
    Thanks for featuring this site on your blog earlier this year!
    Everyone can read his post about lean simulations here.

  8. Thanks for sharing...
    My own site about Lean Management:

  9. Thanks for the great site. I've published a Kanban simulation model in Excel, which is available for download here: You can see me talk about it here: at 15:40 minutes in.

  10. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing the link to your excel kanban simulator. Too bad it's not free! Your video is great. I'm not a software guy, but your presentation shows how lean can be applied in any setting, even testing in software development.

  11. Hi, my name is H├ęctor I'm from Guatemala, actually, I'm Coach, consultant and trainer. I created a program to human development and I teach using games or simulation of games

  12. Hi Hector,
    Thanks for the visit and for commenting. Is there any specific games that you regularly use to teach lean? Care to share your experiences?

  13. My name is John and I'm an LSS MBB in a pure transactional environment and have been a Lean Practitioner since the late '90s.

    I like this site and come to it for the latest in sims that I might us in my training classes. My favorite is the 5S numbers game and it does a great job of reinforcing the importance of organizing information systems and how we ask for data from suppliers.

    I'm also the contributor and founder for that recently started in May 2012. Stop on by and say "HI!".

  14. Hi John! I've used the 5S Numbers game multiple times as well because it's so simple and ready to go. Often our transactional processes have more waste than any manufacturing process. Thanks for coming by and highlighting your site,

  15. Hello All, my name is Chris Coles. I am a quality improvement professional. I have an absolute passion for business/process optimization, I just love it. On top of my day job as a business improvement specialist, I also create (and give away) free quality software, tools and templates. I do this as a hobby to help me improve my skills:

    Free tools:
    CAPA software:

    I am always looking for the next challenge.

    Great website by the way!



    1. Hi Chris,
      Process improvement is a great job! I know when I go to work, I'm trying to make things better, whereas other people go to work trying to just stay afloat. I'll have to check out your tools, Adaptive BMS

  16. Hi,
    My name is Kostas. I am amazed by the quality and quantity of work you have placed here. Well done!!
    I am food quality improvement specialist and I have got a passion for lean and six sigma. I have decided to build a site in which I promote articles and knowledge on Lean. I also create a lot of information on lean in Greek language.
    I am trying to use pictures as one picture=1000 words. Recently, I produced 13 pages full of exercises on Lean Six-sigma which I am selling on ebay (including a real case study, filling gaps and picture exercises). Apologies for the sales pitch but this is a small financial support as there is no other income for the work I am doing now.

    Once more, congratulations for the excellent work you do here.

    1. Hi Costas,
      I think pictures are a great training tool, right after simulations! No problem to promote your exercises here. This is the right place for it. I will link to your site here, so it's easier for others to click on.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Hi everyone!
    I am a consultant, and speaker in the “lean manufacturing” world. I have spent many years teaching Lean and 5S, while integrating products and supplies to help manage clients' needs via I appreciate all the hard work you do on this blog. You provide quality information for anyone that is interested in learning something about Lean Manufacturing.

    Many Thanks,
    Mike Wilson

  18. I appreciate your comment, Mike. I try to keep it a little interesting around here. Speaking of hard work, you have a ton of stuff on your own site. I'll have to give it a solid browsing!

  19. Just come across your site. Really like it. Nice and easy to get around and some excellent resources that I'm sure I'll find useful.

    I you able to expand the application of lean to service not just manufacturing?

  20. Hi Howard! Even though lean has its origins in manufacturing, it's being successfully applied in hospitals, banks and other service environments. I try to post interesting lean examples from these areas too, but I definitely could focus on them a bit more.
    One lean simulation that's more relevant to an administrative environment is the Paperwork Simulation Game.
    Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks , I've just found the multitasking game which is excellent. I plan to try that one out next week with my team. Great site..

    2. Awesome! Please come back and tell us how it went. Feedback helps everyone!

  21. We have used the multitasking game... With as you'd expect excellent results. A really good teaching tool 20mins and the instructions are excellent.

    1. The Name Game is super easy to run. Like you said, the instructions are clear and there's minimal equipment. Glad to here it worked out for you!

  22. I am looking for a business partner to
    help me sell software I constructed.

    This software is illustrated at

    TCHART is a time study tool that constructs Gantt
    charts. It is a computer program written in VBA
    (Visual Basic for Applications) and runs in Excel.
    It depicts the sequence of events of a repeating task.

    It is similar in appearance to many Gantt charting software
    packages that are available, but is distinguished from
    these in that the object of study of TCHART is a repeating
    task, whereas the object of study of all the others
    (I have seen) is a one time only task, such as a project.

    The program features the calculation of slack time for
    each element, which is the amount of time the element
    can be increased with no increase in overall cycle time.

    Charts like these are typically constructed
    manually in AutoCad. TCHART offers these
    advantages over such manual construction methods:

    Rapid chart construction

    Inclusion of slack output

    The program outputs a tabular and pictorial representation
    of the sequence of events of a repeating task.

    TCHART is particularly beneficial in the analysis of
    work cells consisting of multiple entities in which
    the cycle time or sequence of events of the work cell
    is not readily apparent or laborious to compile.

    One use of this program is in the design of
    semi-automatic systems. For example, in a machine
    tending problem, the program may help you:

    Determine a workable sequence of operations

    Identify which devices or machines may be
    slowed down and which need to be sped up

    Justify the existence of machine pre-loaders
    to reduce operator waiting and/or cycle time

    Justify the existence of load stands to facilitate
    the operator relinquishing a sub-assembly and
    returning to it at a more convenient time

    If multiple operators are working the same production
    cell, to help insure they don't cross paths

    To help perform certain safety checks, such as
    operator proximity to a machine when it is cycling

    The two major modules of the software are Solve & Chart.
    Excel does not offer much security for software developers,
    because the code can easily be pirated. Therefore, I am retaining
    the code for the Solve step. It can be invoked by the user
    emailing me their data set, and me emailing back the results.

  23. Hi Martin,

    I am - well was - physicist (nuclear) and I still feel like one. After my PhD I became a software developer working at a large software company. This I did a couple of years, suffering from the classical waterfall model and endless discussions if a specification was complete, in quality, what the customer needed,and finally too late...
    However, after an excursion to Project Management I happened to become a lean trainer and team mentor when we introduced lean software development (Poppendieck + Scrum + homebrew). Furthermore I had the change to work as process analyst in the central team defining the processes coming with lean.
    When the training waves were over, I continued to work as Kaizen expert and conducted process improvement workshops.
    Well and finally I left software and went back to the science business, but rather in administration than in science. Currently I'm thinking how I can convince our board members that applying lean ideas would be a goof idea.

    1. Wow! A nuclear physicist! It's amazing to see people practising lean with such diverse backgrounds. There's a ton of gains to be had in administrative processes. Good luck!

  24. Oh - and I forgot: thanks for your wonderful collection of lean resources !

  25. Hi my name is Andy.

    I have a grounding in manufacturing and processing. I was introduced to lean about 7 years ago and am working in bottling plant where I run the production, manage the lean implementation and coach lean. I have a good selection of lean resources which I have developed over the years, let me know how you would like me to make them available to you.

    Cin cin


    1. Hi Andy! I'm guessing a bottling plant has some pretty fast cycle and takt times! I'd love to see some of your resources. If you want you can send stuff to leansimulation @
      I can always post them on Slideshare or something like that. Thanks!

  26. Hi, I'm Chuck. I'm an agile coach. I've helped a few companies undergo an agile transformation now in a role of software engineer. My current project is getting a 40+ group to deliver a document exchange platform, and I'm coordinating the project with Kanban. I've been using personal Kanban for a while, and used it once before for a small team, but this is the first larger-scale effort I've done. I'm looking forward to learning more about ways to present this information I'm gathering.

    1. My site is Forgot to include that. As my boss says, "incremental improvement is better than delayed perfection".

    2. Hi Neon,
      I've attempted personal kanban before, but did commit enough! Your site looks very interesting. I'm going to follow closely to see if I can apply kanban to my project activities.

  27. Hi Everyone,

    I recently founded a company dedicated to supporting Lean and Lean Six Sigma trainers with computer simulation models. My company is The Big Lean Simulation Library, LLC:

    I felt this was an underserved market relative to the amount of training activity, so I decided to fill the gap. I am always looking for new examples to include in my library. If you would like to visit my webpage and read the model descriptions, let me know if their is something you would like to see added or changed:

    Prior to starting this company, I worked for GE Healthcare for 8.5 years and Meta Software for 7 years. I have about 20 years experience simulating all types of industries: healthcare, financial, manufacturing, etc. My PhD is in Industrial Engineering, where I simulated manufacturing cellular layouts, kanbans, etc.

    I have enjoyed Martin's site for some time, so appreciate the chance to participate.

    - Jerry Levasseur
    The Big Lean Simulation Library

    1. Hi Jerry,
      That's a very interesting site you have. I watched the sample kanban simulation video and it's pretty neat. Here's a hyperlink to the site:

      Thanks for the great comment and all the best with your site!

  28. Hi there
    I'm Steve Evans, Director at People Central Ltd. Most of our work is psychometric based, but with an amount of assessment/development centre design & delivery.
    I'm looking for a game aimed at entry level production/process staff, where participants see an existing process that could be improved. The purpose is to gain an understanding of job applicants & incumbents capacity to identify flaws in existing processes, spot improvements & act on those opportunities.
    The client company is fairly lean-savvy.
    If anyone can recommend an activity/game that is suited for production/process staff & is individual rather than team based, that would be much appreciated. Please forward to


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