Equally Massive List of Free Lean Videos!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Entertain your team with a video and give your voice a break from lecturing.

These Lean videos are perfect to augment your training sessions.

I'm constantly updating this page with more videos, so check back often and let me know of any bad links.

Lean gone Lego
A stop motion video, with Lego minifigures showing all the basic principles of lean in their factory.

Kanban training video
Introduces the basic principles of kanban and buffers by producing toy sailboats.

Push vs Pull video
Silly video illustrating the pitfalls of relying on a forecast.

One piece flow in a welding shop
Real world example of single piece flow and leveled production in a manufacturing environment.

5S Standard work video
Video describing the "Standard" part of 5S, i.e. the fourth S.

MIT Lego Simulation
Video course from MIT showing a classroom session of a Lean Lego simulation.

F1 Pit Stop
Formula 1 pit stop shows the benefits of 5S, teamwork and standards.

(more videos below) 

SMED Changeover Simulation
Short video of a quick die change using Lego blocks.

Lean Manufacturing Work cell
This video shows the benefits of work in process and auto-eject in a U-shaped work cell.

Takt time Video
Video explains takt time and how it applies to your morning coffee.

Standard Work Video
Standard work applied to making peanut butter and banana toast in your own kitchen.

Animated 5S Video
Short animated 5S video with a catchy song that reviews all 5 S's in an office setting.

Supermarket Kanban
Kanban explained in just over a minute.

T-Shirt Folding Video
Perfect for Standard Work training.

Two Bin System
Video describes a two bin inventory replenishment system using a flow rack.

5S in a Maintenance Shop
A review of a successful 5S implementation in a maintenance shop.

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
A 15 minute intro to lean philosophy and common lean tools.

Lean Airplane Assembly
A look at 737s being built on a moving assembly line.

A Hospital Waste Walk
The 8 wastes, described in HOSPITAL terminology

Lean Accounting
A five part video series explaining the difference between traditional and lean accounting methods.

Lean Business Process Kaizen
An actual kaizen event on improving an order entry process.

Cilogear backpacks Factory Tour
Tour shows how niche backpack manufacturer uses a lean kanban system.

How to Read a Value Stream Map
Short video outlining the basics of a value stream map.

What is a Value Stream?
Clever animation showing how the value stream shrinks when waste is removed.

Lean in Education 
A grade 7 and 8 class showcase their lean projects.

Single Piece Flow Graphical Illustration
A short video showing how single piece flow shortens the lead time of a process.

Office 5S Video
Kyocera applies 5S to their office.

Lockheed F-35 Manufacturing
The new F-35 strike fighter gets assembled on a moving assembly line.

5S Before and After Pictures
How to run a successful kaizen workshop.

Bucket Brigade Simulation
A lean simulation showing bucket brigade production.

The Napkin Project
A humourous look at a unique quotation process.

McDonald's Lean Kitchen Process
How McDonald's "Made for You" kitchen system can deliver a sandwich in under 90 seconds.

Lean Sheet Metal Forming Work Cell 
A sheet metal process with linked work stations.

Spanish Kanban Training Video
An excellent description of kanban in Spanish.

Introduction to Lean
A three minute video with some key points about lean manufacturing, including a value added vs non value added description.

TPS explained in two minutes
Short and sweet, a beautiful presentation video on TPS

90 Seconds of Lean Training
Another short video demonstrating 4 lean principles.

A short video on Lean Production
The difference between batch and lean, with hand sketches!

Why zero defects is the only acceptable level of quality
Bruce Hamilton gets egg on his face.

Kanban system at a medical device manufacturer.
2 bin kanban system is used to manage assembly components.

Formula 1 pit stop example for SMED
Comparing a F1 pit stop from 1950 to 2013.

Feel free to post your own links on my introduce yourself page!


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