F1 Pit Stop

While not exactly a lean video, this one does demonstrate key principles of teamwork, 5S and minimizing waste. 

It's a Ferrari Formula 1 pit stop. At around 4.5 seconds, this one is fast and you can see how everything must be in the right place, everyone has a job to do and how important team work is when the takt time is zero. Actually zero is a bit of an aggressive target, but what is the customer demand? I would guess that most teams wouldn't want to stop if they didn't have to. 

From this article on formulaone.com, the Renault team's target for pitstops is 3 seconds, although this is for the 2010 season where the rules call for the elimination of refueling mid race. So the major bottleneck, the fueling process, is gone and pits are even faster!

If the embedded video isn't working, you can see the original here.


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