Lean Lego Video - "Lean gone LEGO"

A reader sent me a link to this Youtube video showing a Lean transformation on a factory floor, Lego-style! This is a professional quality video, using stop animation to show the horrible current condition and the subsequent improvement. We can all feel the frustration as the production people struggle with a terribly inefficient process, but still allow ourselves a chuckle as the Lego supervisor trips over some plastic rods. Excellent production values, with a musical score and very funny dialogue.

At a short 5 min and 10 seconds, this video is perfect to supplement any Lean training session or kaizen event, illustrating the key Lean concepts of 5S and waste. The added bonus of Aussie slang pushes my rating of this to two thumbs up!

This video was put out by a technical school in Australia called "the Gordon."

If you're interested in learning more about Lean, check out the book: Creating Continuous Flow, by Mike Rother. 


  1. Thanks for posting and sharing. This is fun - maybe I'll show during training.

  2. Link no longer works

  3. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry to see this video disappear. It was pretty funny. . .

    1. Just did a bit more checking, and it's still there, just the link was updated. I have updated the links above, so it should work now.

  4. Excellent before and after example of what Lean can do. Will use in my training next month. Brilliant!


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