Jidoka Video - Toyota explains why stopping the line improves productivity!

The video below shows the concept of Jidoka:
The principle of preventing defective products from moving from one process to the next.

According to the description on youtube, the video was taken from the Toyota museum. Straight from the source!

Note: As you may have noticed, the video has been removed. Alternatively, you can check out this excellent video on jidoka by Simplex Improvement.

Did you know Toyota invented the concept of Jidoka almost a hundred years ago?

By designing a weaving machine that stopped when a thread broke, Sakichi Toyoda made it impossible to fabricate a bad part. A person no longer had to watch each machine to make sure it performed properly. 

You can read more about jidoka on Wikipedia here. As well, strategosinc.com has an excellent summary of jidoka here.

Two types of jidoka are described: 

  1. The andon "rope call switch" 
  2. Poka-yoke or "fail-safe device"

The video illustrates both concepts with specific examples of how Toyota implements them on their automotive assembly line.

The second part of the video shows three kaizen activities, improvements suggested by employees. Keep an eye out for the "Chameleon," a great idea for grabbing exactly the right number of bolts for your assembly operation!

The great jidoka examples make this video an excellent training tool. The addition of kaizen activities create a perfect segway into your kaizen event!

Jidoka Video:


  1. Hello Martin,

    first of all many thanks for your awesome collection of Lean materials. I found your page by chance and added it to my faves right away.

    I am looking for a nice Jidoka video (maybe in connection with Poka Yoke). Unfortunately the video you had posted was removed... Do you by any chance have any other nice materials on this topic?



  2. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for pointing out that this video has been removed. Unfortunately, I guess the uploader didn't have the rights to it.

    There's a great 2 part video series on jidoka at Simplex Improvement.

    Check it out on youtube:

    Thanks for the complements and keep it lean ;)

  3. Hello Martin,

    thanks for the link. The video is quite interesting.



  4. Sorry, I can´t see the video on Youtube channel, could you share it with us again?

    1. Doesn't look like it's working anymore. But you can see the jidoka video series at Simplex Improvement here: http://www.simpleximprovement.com/jidoka_series.php


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