Toast Kaizen Video with a Twist! Peanut butter and bananas make any sandwich better.

Perhaps you've heard of that Toast Kaizen Video? You know the one with that guy with the monotone voice, making toast in his kitchen for his wife while we watch and try to improve his process? A great video, perfect for teaching the 7 Wastes.

Well, here's a new twist. Rather than kaizen the toast making process, the video below uses that same sandwich-making process we're all familiar with to teach standard work. With analogies to football play-books and casino dealers, the content is fresh and relevant.

But the real content is the sandwich! Peanut butter, bananas and honey. . . the perfect midnight snack. And no need to struggle in the dark for all your equipment, because everything is labeled so nicely.

One thing this video addresses very clearly is Standard Work in Process. Don't tie the operator to the machine. Rather than waiting with bated breath for the toaster to pop, the operator is working on the follow-up processes of spreading, and cutting.

Two slices toasting, two slices being made into a sandwich, and repeat, until the loaf is done!

I hope none of us will be working the sandwich assembly line soon, but the concept of Standard Work in Process is something that is important for any work cell with machines that do stuff. Here's another example of Standard Work in Process. 

Be sure to check out the entire Standard Work video series at You'll learn how to fill out a Standard Work Chart, a Capacity Sheet and a Combination Table, all useful skills. If you're interested in the banana sandwich only, it starts at around 6:30 (or just make your own sandwich).



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