Standard Pig - A lean game revisited

I've written about the Standard Pig game before and how perfect it is for teaching Standard Work in your Lean training sessions.

What is Standard Work? It's more than just formalizing the work sequence, the steps of the process. You need to look at takt time. You need to look at Standard WIP. There's combination tables to think about.

It's hard to make improvements without starting with a standard. Just stabilizing your work first can be an improvement, whether in a factory or as a service organization.

I've been reading Toyota Kata recently, and it struck me how Toyota places so much emphasis on stabilizing the process first. Find out why the cycle time fluctuates, stabilize it and then try to improve.

Here's another great description of the Standard Pig game and how to run it. It's a three part series, so make sure you check out the 2nd and 3rd parts as well.

I like hearing other people's experiences with these games. Look at the example of a standard pig in the comments section of part 2. A perfect replica!

How about you? Have you played the Standard Pig game? How did it work with your group?


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