Standard Work: You thought you knew how to fold a t-shirt?

This video seems like it has nothing to do with Lean, but there's more than meets the eye here. While using a foreign language in a training video may not seem to be the wisest strategy, the clear visual instructions make it absolutely unnecessary to understand the narration.

It's a perfect little video for Standard Work training. Since everyone knows what a t-shirt is and presumably  had a little experience folding a shirt, this turns into a hilarious group activity.

Make your group watch the video, then turn it off and ask everyone to fold a t-shirt. Most people will fold it, but not the way shown in the video. Grab their feebly folded shirts and reprimand them. They watched the video, didn't they?

Then walk them through it step by step. Watch the video again and make a Job Breakdown Sheet together. After a few trials, everyone will get it. It's amazing. And for some reason, everyone will remember it too.

Here's another site with step by step analysis of the t-shirt video.

I've added a few more videos on T-shirt folding in this update to the post, which also includes a comprehensive presentation on standard work. 

This video's been added to my massive list of Lean training videos.


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