Takt time Calculator - Web-based tool makes it easy

A simple interface and clean design make this little Takt Time Calculator useful in my book. It's important to know the basics while you're taking your time studies and creating standard work. The Takt Time calculator from www.leanlab.info was created by some Italian engineers with a passion for Lean.

takt time calculator

Now, I know what you're thinking. I can just calculate my takt time on a sheet of blank paper, in the margins of my work sheet. True. But does your handwriting look this good?

You can see from the interface that some thought was put into the presentation. This takt time calculator is smooth. Just plug in your information and it spits out the takt time. 

Naturally, anyone can make a little Excel spreadsheet to do the same. But this one's web based! We're living in the cloud now. Get with the times. It's always available when you have access to the internet. You can email the link to your Facebook friends and become more popular. And all those new friends won't wreck your Excel calculations. The drop down menu provides defined choices, so it's pretty hard to mess it up. 

Plus, it works on my iPhone!

I gave the takt time calculator a whirl and it does what it should. Personally, I like having more options to play with, but I'm a tinkerer. The standard options for shift time and breaks are probably enough for most processes. 

Here's the direct English language link:

I've added this takt time calculator to my list of helpful Lean tools and downloads.


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