Lean Video - A Hospital Waste Walk

The video below provides an interesting little twist on the 8 Wastes. By using the acronym "HOSPITAL", you can easily remember the eight wastes and add a healthcare slant to your lean training.

While there's no actual waste walk in the video, it introduces the lean eight wastes, focusing on identifying them in a healthcare setting. I've never seen the HOSPITAL acronym used before, and although I can see the usefulness of having an acronym, some of the words seem a little contrived.

Halting (Waiting)
Slips (Defects)
Process (Non-value added)
Action (Motion)
Lack of Employee Engagement

Starting with a word like Halting threw me off right away, especially since "wait" times are such a hot issue in hospitals. But it's a little difficult to find another word for Waiting that will fit into the acronym.

The video's only 7 minutes long, and I think it's worth watching if only to glean a few lean tips from a health care or transactional environment.

What about you? Have you heard of other acronyms for the Eight Wastes?

I've added this video to my massive collection of lean training videos.


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