Lean Video - Introduction to Lean: Nice to meet you too!

Any comprehensive lean training session can only begin with one thing.  An introduction!  This recent video from Gemba Academy provides the perfect introduction to lean manufacturing.

Lean is a difficult concept to introduce succinctly, but this video does a good job, within a 15 minute time frame. With references to office, healthcare and the military, the lean introduction shows that lean isn't just for manufacturing.

The video is current, showing why lean techniques are essential for survival in this global environment, especially considering the impact of the global economic uncertainties.

With quotes from Deming and Ohno, and an emphasis on Lean's respect for people, the key lean tools are introduced, but not as the be all to end all. Just tools as part of the overall lean philosophy.

Even the history facts are interesting, showing lean techniques as far back as 1574 in the Venice shipyards, but not boring us with too much of a history lesson.

An excellent introduction to lean to add to my list of Lean training videos.


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