Lean Accounting - Simple Measures Produce Simple Presentations.

This short Lean Accounting presentation embedded below is a good summary of the key Lean Accounting principles.  As a  follow-up to the video I posted earlier this week, I went searching for more information to post on Lean Accounting.

Breaking up your training session with videos, presentations and games, is necessary to hold your audiences interest, especially with a topic as exciting as accounting. I like this eight slide presentation because it identifies the key points and doesn't over expand on them.

Keep slides simple, like Lean Accounting measurements

Presentation slides should be kept simple, so you can talk about them, not read from them.

Since there are minimal details in the slides, it's your job to describe how traditional accounting drives non-lean behaviour, like excess inventory and large batch sizes.

And as a bonus, there's absolutely no advertising or consultant watermarks hidden within these slides, so you can watch without being sold someone else's products.

Slide number 6 in particular gives a great explanation of which lean measurements should be used at each level of the organization, from the high level strategic measures, to the value stream measurements and the process measurements.

Lean Accounting Presentation: 

I've added this post to my list of Lean Tools and Resources. Post in the comments if you know of any other resources or links to Lean Accounting tools or training aids.


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