Value Stream Mapping - A 5 Part Video Series

Continuing the Value Stream Mapping theme, here's a 5 part video series on value stream mapping from Simplex Improvement. You may remember Simplex Improvement as the creator of the peanut butter and banana Standard Work video.

This Value Stream Mapping video series brings the same kind of extensive coverage and interesting analogies. Each of the five video sections is almost 9 minutes long, so there's plenty of information here, yet bite-size pieces to watch in multiple sittings.

Introducing value stream mapping, the first video talks primarily about the purpose of doing a value stream map. Comparing the process to a jigsaw puzzle, the value stream map is the picture on the puzzle box. When putting a jigsaw puzzle together, you need to focus on the complete picture to determine where the individual pieces fit in. Otherwise you have no targeted approach and your randomly trying to fit pieces together. A recipe for failure.

It's a great analogy. Unless you're putting together sky pieces, then good luck!

As well, we get to learn about the downfalls of the "Peanut Butter Spread" strategy, where instead of focusing our lean efforts on one particular value stream, we try to spread our efforts over the whole plant, making only marginal improvements that may not stick. I love these analogies, since they're easy to remember when teaching lean.

I've embedded the first video in the series below. When the video's completed, you can click to get to the next one in the series. Or head on over to Simplex Improvement to see them all.


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