Value Stream Mapping - Current State vs Future State

Here's a Value Stream Mapping video example from the fictional "Naples Sailboat Company." You may remember the previous video I posted where they introduced kanban using simple plastic sailboats. In this video, the process is outlined with a current state Value Stream Map.

Using sticky notes and a whiteboard is an interesting method for value stream mapping. I guess you can move things around easier when you create your future state map. I prefer good old paper, since I get to keep a physical record of the map when we're done.

The video is a good example of how to walk through a process, highlighting where inventory is stored and how the information flows.

Current State Value Stream Map:

I like seeing before and after videos. Instead of just highlighting a problem, they usually give you a solution as well. In this case, we get to see an improved value stream map.

Future State Value Stream Map:

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