5S Process Tip - The Easiest Way to Dispose of Red Tagged Items

The first step in the 5S process is to "Sort." This is simple. Take whatever you don't need and remove it from the work area. Only the tools necessary for the job remain.

The next steps in the 5S process are to "Set-in-Order" and "Shine." Soon your work cell will be lean and clean. But wait! Before you get there, you need to get rid of the items you took out of the area.

Using the red tag process, items are dutifully tagged, tracked and ultimately reused somewhere else, or trashed. But there are always some obviously useless items that don't need tagging. They will go straight to the garbage. Unless it is sensitive and confidential material, then it needs to be delicately removed, monitored, shredded and disposed. You can pay companies big bucks to come and shred all your stuff.

Or you can improve the 5S process with this elegant solution for disposing of sensitive material.

5S Process Tip: Blow it to Smithereens!

Please note: Using this method may make the "Shine" phase a little more cumbersome.


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