Lean Assessment Excel Tool and Over 70 Other Lean Templates!

I was looking for a lean assessment form and I found this document on scribd.com. This is not just a lean tool, it's more like a lean tool box. Including the lean assessment form, there's over 70 excel and word files!!!

Seriously... 70 different documents. Someone put a lot of time and effort into these forms.

Some of the more interesting and useful templates include a lean scorecard, a lean assessment, control plan, FMEA, red tags, gauge r and r's, capacity planning sheets and really much, much more. These are all free and you can just click on the filename and it will download to your computer.

And there's more!

In addition to the templates and tools, there's a ton of .pdf files showing many lean presentations covering history of lean, 5S, kanban, kaizen, capability etc.

There's so many that I haven't really had time to look through all of them. I'm posting this more as a bookmark for myself as well as to share with everyone else. I'm hoping that if I'm ever looking for a certain document, I'll find it in this list.

This is truly a one stop shop for lean documents. There's even an attendance sheet!

Make sure you sign it.

Lean Six Sigma Tools Free

If you can't see the embedded version above, then you can view all the files directly here. 

I've added this post to my list of lean tools and downloads, which includes other fun documents like the Online Takt Time Calculator and Changeover Analysis Template.


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