Speed Up Your Quote Process - The Napkin Project

Ever wonder why it takes so long to come up with a quote? Where exactly do the sales figures come from? And the lead time? Who's analyzing the schedule to determine the lead time?

The video below gives you an in depth look at a unique quotation process. Manufacturing lead time, up front engineering and the final pricing are all covered in this clearly defined process. The sales team at DuFresne Manufacturing has revealed their secrets in outperforming the competition.

Take a quick look at the video and leave your feedback in the comments. How does your quotation procedure compare?

If the embedded video doesn't work, you can watch it on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivJgnSpXNbE

I've added this post to my list of free lean videos. It might fit in perfectly with a lean sales team kaizen event! :)


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