Bad Lean Transformation. . . and lean zombies.

Have you ever been part of a bad lean transformation? You know the kind. Fancy consultants, lots of jargon, plenty of blind leading the blind?

If not, here's your chance to experience one first hand! A bad lean transformation, presented by the newly-launched ├╝

Imagine Steve Carell on The Office, hiring a lean consultant or two. Pure entertainment!

This video is the first episode in a lean-themed comedy series. I know. I was skeptical at first, too. But it wasn't that bad. In fact I actually laughed out loud a few times, and not in the lol-typing sense where people don't actually laugh out loud anymore.

Starting with a very bad infomercial for lean, presumably created by the fictitious "lean" consultants, the episode shows a vomit bag maker's foray into a lean transformation.

Do not give up before getting into the story. It gets better, believe me.

I love the one guy's enthusiasm for the previous flavour of the week, "Shirtless Methodology." He becomes the 6S champion, adding Shirtless to the lean 5S's, eventually red tagging the boss's granddaughter and earning a reprimand from the consultant.
"Actually, putting on your shirt is value-added work."
Or the description of 5S:
"All you need to know is that you gotta clean up your crap and get it organized." 

This video is a lot of fun and a nice interruption to a long work day. You probably don't want to show it at your next kaizen event, but sharing it with your lean team might lighten the mood!

This video was brought to you by the folks at ├╝ Who are they? A new online lean educational website. Check out this awesome marketing video, which includes lean zombies!

I've added this to my list of lean videos, most of which are quite a bit more helpful and a little less humorous.


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