A Practical Guide to Kaizen Events


Do you say kaizen event, kaizen activity, kaizen blitz, or cheese blintz? No matter what you call it, kaizen events are focused, quick and often dirty. But are they effective?

Tulip.co has come up with a practical guide to kaizen events, to help you get the most of your focused activities. Some people advocate weeks of pre-planning for your one week burst, and this may be required in some cases with complicated processes.

Usually, it's best to not overthink the process and just get going. Going hard and figuring it out as you go often works just as effectively.

Don't get me wrong, you still need a little something to keep the team on track during your multi-day event. Here's where tulip.co's downloadable guide comes in handy. It's a simple one-pager to outline what you should be doing during each day.

It's a good tool to ensure you're not missing anything and help sustain the gains!

Kaizen Event Guide

So, do your research. Gather your team. Collect some data. And grab this handy kaizen event guide to get you started. 

And if you want more info on holding kaizen events, check out A Team Leader's Guide to Lean Kaizen Events

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