The Card Drop Exercise

The Card Drop Exercise is a simulation that can be used to teach Rolled Throughput Yield or RTY with a deck of cards. You drop cards from shoulder height, aiming toward a target. The good cards (on target) are passed to the next person who drops them using a different method towards a similar target. Once again the good cards are passed along to the next person to drop. There appear to be three "droppers".

The simulation seems pretty well thought out as a demonstration of rolled throughput yield, which is used quite often in six sigma applications. There is some Lean thinking as well, with some discussion points about improvement opportunities.

As well, it includes some excel sheets in the presentation to help you with the yield calculations. The only thing I couldn't find was how large the target on the floor was supposed to be. I imagine it shouldn't matter too much, although maybe if you took measurements from a point, you could do some control chart training as well!

The game can be found in .pdf form here.


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