Helpful Lean Tools: Changeover Analysis Template

I'm starting a new feature called "Helpful Lean Tools". In this section, I'll highlight useful Lean templates and downloads available for free.

The first of these is the Changeover Analysis Template, available at gemba academy.

Carry it with you while you're watching a tool change. The Excel template comes complete with rows for each task, and columns to enter your stopwatch recording and comments.

I've used a similar form during set-up analysis, but I had to create it myself. Note to self: Check online first.

Jon Miller emphasizes the importance of separating the external work from the internal work. This is extremely important in changeover analysis.

Always question if it's possible to do part of the changeover when the machine is running. Any work that takes the set-up people away from the task at hand while the machine is idle, could potentially be done before or after the changeover.

Using a combination table is also a useful way to easily visualize when an operator is working, walking or waiting and when they're away from the machine.

Be sure to check out the F1 pit stop video for a great demonstration of a quick changeover in action!

This post has been added to the Helpful Lean Tools page, where you'll find links to a growing list of free Lean resources and templates.


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