Tons of Quality Templates - Six sigma meets Excel and spawns a monster!

Amazing collection of Six Sigma and quality Excel templates. Someone has put some serious effort into making some full-featured forms.

Let's say you don't want to shell out for the latest version of Minitab. You're sure to find a simple Excel hypothesis test that you can download from the internet. And then you come across this site:

In the side bar list of Excel quality templates, you will find not just one simple T test, but the T test, the F test, Chi squared test and Mann Whitney Rank sum test!

Four! hypothesis testing templates for your six sigma projects.

As a six sigma blackbelt, I once learned the formulas for calculating these tests. Then I promptly forgot them and depended on Minitab to do all the number crunching for me. I'm more of a results guy, then a theoretical numbers man. But someone put a lot of work into these templates and I commend them for that.

And there's more. A lot more.

Not only do we have the aforementioned hypothesis tests, there's gauge R & R templates (variable and attribute), a 3 factor DOE form, probability analysis templates (z tables etc), capability studies, regression analysis and much more.

Really. This is definitely a one stop shop for your quality forms and calculations.

My only disclaimer is that there's so much here that I haven't checked to see if all the calculations are accurate. And as long as I still have a day job and a life in general, I'm not going to be able to spend a few years doing that. So use at your own risk and post here if you have the energy and time to verify the forms for accuracy.  

Update: All these forms have been migrated to:

This site has been added to the Lean Tools and Downloads page.


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