Helpful Lean Tools and Downloads

Ever wish you had that perfect Lean checklist, but don't have time to make it yourself? 

Here's a collection of free, downloadable Lean templates and other tools. The list will start a little Lean, but I'll be adding to it continuously, so bookmark it and check back often. 

Send me links to your own files and I'll add them to the list. Big bonus if they're editable files!

A Practical Guide to Kaizen Events
A one-page printable guide to walk you through your next kaizen event.

Six Thinking Hats
A problem solving technique, including video and a slideshare summary.

The Perfect Transaction
A Powerpoint presentation on what an optimal transactional process should look like.

Lean Waste Walk Template
A sheet to use while you're cracking down on the 8 Wastes.

Cycle Time Tracking Template
An Excel chart for tracking cycle time fluctuation over time.

Cycle Time Analysis Template
One page Excel template with room to calculate, chart and analyze the cycle time for a process.

A3 Problem Solving Templates
Great template for use as a training tool or hand out.

Lean Assessment Tool plus..
When I say "plus", I mean over 70 more lean excel and word templates!

Lean Pictures
A blog featuring tons of examples of real-life lean visual management practices.

Lean Accounting Presentation
A short and simple presentation on Lean Accounting.

Fishbone Diagram
One page Powerpoint template.

Spaghetti Diagram 
Powerpoint version ready for presenting.

Online Takt Time Calculator
Web-based takt time calculator.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
5 free Excel templates to teach and use OEE.

A3 Dojo's place to post and critique real-life A3's.

Worksheet to be used during changeovers and SMED workshops.

Lean Lessons
Lean essentials and tips in handy comic strip format.
No longer available. Website is gone.

Value Stream Mapping Template
An excel template for Value Stream Mapping with handy icons.

Toyota Kata with Lego - Presentation
The Toyota improvement strategy described with awesome lego storytelling.

The Lean Waste Walk
Set up a regular waste walk with this handy presentation and audit sheet. 



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